Friday, May 6, 2011

{Sweets for Mom}

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you sweet Great's, Grandmother’s, Mother’s, Mother-in-Law's, new Mommy’s, Mommy-to-be’s and Auntie’s (because you get to share in some of the fun too)!  We are sharing a special Mother’s Day sweet treat with you that we found via Mommy Knows.
Take a look at these dreamy cake pops.  Although, the cake pops may look a little intimidating to make at first, the tutorial over at Mommy Knows makes it much easier for everyone to follow along!  You may even want to consider spending some quality time with Mom over the weekend to make them.  If you have ever tried cake pops, then you know how heavenly they all are.
For tons more cake pop inspiration, you'll have to stop by Bakerella's.  This is my one stop shop for most of my baking questions and is where I first learned to make cake pops.

Image courtesy of Mommy Knows

Dedicated to my mom.  I love you mom! :)

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