Friday, November 19, 2010

Behind the Glam {Miriam}

I’m Miriam, founder and lead event planner of Glam Candies.  I majored in Fashion Merchandising and have an extensive background in working with the most prestigious retailers.  My educational background in the fashion industry lead me to establish Glam Candies, wedding & event design studio, in 2009.

Today, my company gives me a creative outlet for planning the most glamorous weddings and spectacular events and in designing and creating the most alluring confectionery displays.  I am personally involved with each event from beginning to end, ensuring flawless execution with precision to detail.

With an educational background in the fashion industry and a passion for crafting, decorating, designing, planning, entertaining, flea market vintage finds and mostly my obsession with candy and sweets, the Glam Candies blog was created to blend both of my worlds together. 

It meets at the crossroads of fashion, love and life’s most cherished celebrations and allows me to share it with you.  I hope that this blog brings you a world of captivating ideas and inspires you to create what you love.


  1. LC, I admire your creative drive! GLAM Candies is already a success because of you! You have my full support! Lea


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