Friday, May 13, 2011

{Mini Donut Bar}

Last week, we kicked off our Raising the Bar series with a festive Nacho Bar.  I was inspired to write this blog series to spark creative ways to entertain your guests through dessert, food and candy bars.  This week, we are so happy to feature Dough-a-Deer!
Catering sweet treats to local weddings and events based in Southern California, Dough-a-Deer specializes in mini donuts, chocolate pretzels, doughpops (similar to cake pops), truffles and baby bunts.  Not located in Southern California?  Don’t fret.  Shop their site for select items.
Surprise your guests with a unique donut bar that can be coordinated with your event colors and theme.  See a full list of their delicious flavors here and let Glam Candies assist you with more presentation and pairing ideas.
Feast your eyes on Dough-a-Deer’s mini donuts! 

Are dessert bars not an option for your event? These sweet favors will leave your guests with a lasting impression that they will savor and remember.

Thanks for stopping by Dough-a-Deer!

Do you have a bar idea that you would like to see featured?  Share it with us!

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