Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{A New Year…A Healthier You}

With the New Year, come new resolutions. If you are opting for a healthier lifestyle, we are featuring healthy alternatives that are just as delicious and visually stunning as dessert tables.

Eat your veggies!

Create a fruit and veggie table displaying carrots, celery sticks and bell peppers served with different kinds of low-fat or sugar-free dressings for your guests to dip the veggies in. Consider serving low-fat yogurt parfaits in shot glasses topped with rasberries, blueberries and granola (left) or pumpkin latte shots with a dollop of non-fat whipped cream (right). Other alternatives to fill shot glasses with include sugar-free, no-sugar added or fat-free pudding, gelatin, hot chocolate or low-sodium tomato or vegetable juice.

Juicy watermelon cubes are carved with a round hole on top and filled with a combination of diced grapes and apple and are dressed with a non-fat yogurt dressing (left). An artichoke arrangement is displayed (right).

Create a caprese salad similar to the one displayed above (right) by using cherry or grape tomatoes with mozzarella cheese balls drizzled with a low-fat or sugar-free balsamic vinaigrette. Add basil leaves to garnish.

Fresh fruit tarts consisting of peaches, rasberries & strawberries.

all above images via Kristine Shin Designs

Beautiful arrangements made of brassica cabbage and artichokes.

Opt for no-sugar added and low-calorie confections

When creating a candy or dessert table for your event, consider offering sugar-free, no-sugar added, fat-free and low-calorie options for your guests.

Consider low-fat desserts or pastries that are baked with sugar substitute or sweeteners.

Smart Balance offers low-calorie and carb-friendly popcorns similar to the one displayed above.

all above images via everyday beautiful

Look for sugar-free or no-sugar added candies. Sweet Factory offers a wide selection of sugar-free, no-sugar added candies to create a candy table similar to the one displayed above.

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  1. Beautiful veggie table display ~ so inventive! Love the gorgeous cabbage and artichoke arrangements!


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