Monday, December 13, 2010

~Sweet Rentals~

I recently attended a friend’s wedding where she had decided to skip the favors and instead do photo favors. She had a vintage photo booth at her wedding and after taking silly or cute pictures (pick from sepia, black & white, color, or retro!) you could attach it to a guest book and write your own special message to the couple. You could take as many pictures as you’d like and get a copy of all them if you wished. It was so much fun! I really felt it was a thoughtful gesture on her part. It made me think that there are so many different ways to entertain your family and friends and make your special day an amazing event for all. The best part is that there are many creative vendors that can help make this easy for you…here are some sweet rental ideas for even the most discerning bride!

Give your guests a sugar rush with an antique cotton candy machine at your reception! Serve your treats in crisp paper cups or as mini cotton candy puffs…a perfect idea for the young at heart. Tasty Clouds Cotton Candy Company is a great local vendor that rents equipment similar to the machine pictured below.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart & Brides

Another snazzy idea is bringing in a photo booth for your guests to use and leave you with fun memories. The Original Traveling Photo Booth offers a retro photo booth with state of the art technology. Consider providing funny props like masquerade masks, hats or flashy glasses to add some sparkle and inspire your guests’ photos!

Photo courtesy of The Original Traveling Photo Booth

Photo courtesy of Little Retreats

Love desserts, but having a difficult time deciding how to please your guests’ sweet tooth? Why not create your own mini ice cream parlour? Let your guests create their own tasty treats with multiple flavors, fruits, and toppings…why just pick one flavor when you can try them all! For more ideas see these amazing images from “Eat, Drink, Chic by Amy Moss”. I love the idea of using a silver tub to hold your ice cream and the old-fashioned ice cream dishes. Colorful plastic serving cups and pretty spoons add a charming touch to a beautiful desert table. If cupcakes are your weakness, try a retro cupcake trailer or mobile cart to add some glitz to your special day!

Photo courtesy of Enjoy Cupcakes

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